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Please, help me choose a refrigerator!

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Santa has agreed we can get a new refrigerator for Christmas!!!

I am 66 years old. This will be the first new fridge I’ve ever had. I am more than excited.

❄️ I want the freezer on the bottom. Idealy it should be a large pull-out drawer with a sliding drawer on top of it.

❄️ I want one main fridge door that has the handle on the left side side. I do not want the double French doors.

❄️ I do not want ice and water through the front door.

❄️ I do want there to be an ice maker in the freezer, just with no outside the door access.

❄️ I want the fridge to be big. We only go to the grocers‘ about once every 10 days..

I want the fridge to hold lots of fresh fruits and veggies, leftovers, cheeses, and meals I’ve already prepped.

❄️ I want an accurate thermostate to keep my insulin fresh.

❄️ I want an alarm to sound if the door is not closed properly.

❄️ I need it to be very easy to pull out for cleaning under and behind it. Do new fridged have wheels?

❄️ Of course, I want dependable quality.

❄️ And I want color if at all posdible. No stainless steel, no Gruesome Grey, no black. i could tolerate a ”bisque” color, but I’d love a “Spring Green” or a “Lemon Yellow.”

Help, Please! 😊

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