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Please Help Me with Subzero Refrigerator Options

9 years ago

I am buying my appliances from a local place I have found that deals strictly with high end floor model appliances. The prices are great but this means that I am more limited in which models are available. I want the largest subzero refrigerator that will accept panels and be integrated with my cabinets. Right now, the only unit available is the BI-42S. I prefer a 48 inch or perhaps an even larger configuration in the integrated models, but I really want a subzero and it's not in our budget to buy at retail.

It looks like the BI-42S is 26 3/16" deep while the integrated models with individual columns are 24" deep. I have some flexibility with my cabinets since I am still in the final design phase and have a good amount of space to work with. (Overall wall is 8 feet wide by 9 feet tall on that side of the kitchen and theoretically I could use as much space as I need because there are plenty of cabinets elsewhere). My design goal is to make the refrigerator look like an armoire. Would the 26 3/16" depth be too deep to get a truly integrated look? Is there another compelling design reason to go with the integrated line? I want the refrigerator to truly look like a piece of furniture.

What are the pros and cons to the various options available? I'm also wondering if ANY subzero refrigerator will accept custom panels? If the unit comes with the stainless panels can I remove them and make wooden ones?

Also can anyone tell me if the 427G wine refrigerator will accept custom panels or do I have to find a particular model of that unit that will accept panels?

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