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Getting a Daylily Order is Usually Fun

6 days ago

I have received more boxes of daylilies from different growers than ever before in my daylily growing time. BUT...some orders are a lot more fun that others to receive:

Beautiful plants came from Debra, Nancy, Ashwood Garden, Roy Reimer, and from M.P. Daylilies were Patty sent her plants via UPS. Abundant Daylilies: the description eas a double and Mark ent a clump of four or five nice fans.

Not so gorgeous plants but clumps instead of a double fan from and massive clumps of roots with the clumps from Oakes.

Then there was Petal Pusher Dayliles. Dry, yellow and adequate roots but not a lot of fun to get.

I have one more single plant order that should be here tomorrow.

It will go into the water to soak, and Friday All nine will go into pots for a month to six weeks. Don't y'all have fun getting new ones or getting daylilies that are new to you?


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