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Help me choose a front door handle! Need help asap, please

Lauren Cooper
last year

I'm in a midcentury modern house. California Mid Century on the East Coast. I'm moving the door over one space to the left so that we walk in closer to the closet and NOT into the middle of the living room. I want to replace the ancient and horrendous doorknob and lock. I need to select a set that has a separate handle and deadbolt due to the spacing. I would like a lever handle, which does not need to lock. All the hardware on this level of the house is a weird oiled bronze (see photos). I don't love it, but am not replacing it right now because there is A LOT of it on lots of doors. Looking for suggestions for something that will go with the existing and will function well. (I have no idea about brands other than the standard Emtek/Baldwin, and don't want something cheap. I want something solid and well made. Everything in the room is dark other than the walls and ceiling and the floor is about to get refinished again in a light color. So I'm thinking the doorknob should be dark. Please send suggestions! (I'm including photos to give you an idea about what's going on in the rest of the room. Please excuse the mess -- we're about to pack it all up to get this work started in 5 days!) Also, I know the piano isn't working here... will move it out when the kids are ready to own it and replace it with a cabinet of some kind. That's for a phase down the road... Thanks in advance!

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