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Help me choose my garage door & front door color please?

3 years ago

So, I've finally decided on the exterior cedar siding color (BM Polo Blue), and the brick is remaining unpainted (it's a pretty white brick with flecks of light stone & silvery grays). I don't know what to choose for the garage, star detail, or front door.

My painter suggested a light gray for the garage door, to match the flecks in the brick, but mostly just told me it was my choice. I'm kinda grayed out at the moment, as all of my interior is gray.

Is the garage door supposed to match the front door?

I actually still love the star and am keeping it - should that match the front door or the siding?

The front door doesn't need painted, it's fairly new and still bright white. But I keep hearing people tell me to paint it yellow or red. (NO on the red, I am not patriotic enough to have a 4th of July house, LOL). I like the white, but maybe it looks out of place, IDK.

I don't have any annuals planted this year (long story), but when I do, I always plant white blooms, nothing with actual color, so the front is all green and white (except for that hydrangea...which is white until mid-august, anyway).

The windows on the right look VERY dark with the new color, but the tree that is in front of them and making all the shade will be coming down in the next year or two,.

Current house situation:

Exterior · More Info

Updated with proper siding color and random gray for garage, blue star:

Exterior · More Info

And another, but with the star staying white to match the front door:

Exterior · More Info

Can I get your thoughts, please? You all are always so helpful.

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