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PLEASE help me choose countertop color asap!

7 years ago

The plywood top is in, I need to decide countertop today, would truly appreciate your help! I love a warm yellow kitchen, want the kitchen to feel friendly, welcoming, happy. What color countertop would look harmonious in my kitchen? The photo shows the kitchen today, with the yellowish tile pattern floor, SW Accesible Beige walls, white cabinets (Ikea Bodbyn off-white). Not much natural light, there are two 18x36 inch windows flanking what will be a dark brown wood hood cover in the middle of the back wall, so please imagine that dark brown hood cover there. I haven't chosen the backsplash yet, will choose after the countertop. Should I go for a uniform light yellow quartz to achieve the happy warm effect, or will that look too similar to the floor and make the kitchen too yellow-brown warm? Or should I do a pale grey quartz for some contrast with the floor (we had considered Caesarstone's Piatra Grey but decided it was too dark for our closed-in and light-challenged layout)? Or could we do my husband's favorite, a marble-looking quartzite called Namib Sky (white background with large grey veining and swirls), or is it too much pattern clashing with the patterned floor tile? I'm so confused, please help!

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