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Too many pantry cabinets and layout feedback

7 days ago

We are in the early stages of planning our kitchen renovation. I shared my layout ideas with our KD. She tweaked some things because my original plan had so many cabinets. I’m happy with her changes, but there are still a few changes I want to make. I’m worried (well hubby is more worried about the cost lol) that there are too many pantry cabinets?

We currently have reach in pantries. One is 66” wide x 24” deep (which I hate) with adjustable shelves (3 separate sections of 22” wide) and the other is also 66” wide, with 22” of adjustable shelves, 12” broom/mop storage and the remaining 32” is an open area for hanging coats and also where my vacuum is stored. So that’s a huge amount of pantry space behind bi-fold doors that fills up most of that wall. Hubby thinks all of these pantry cabinets are too much and will look odd. Not sure what else to do with that wall. I know some of the new drawer bases will house some pantry items, but I still feel I need these pantry cabinets. Pantries with roll-outs are shown, but I think I want to switch to units that have adjustable shelves up top and 3 real drawers below. Still debating on what is best.

To break up all of the cabinets on that wall, our KD came up with a bench/coat area at the far end where we enter from the garage. I like the idea of the bench area with a place to hang coats and a landing spot for my purse/briefcase, etc. But I still need a spot for my vacuum, broom and mop. There is not a good spot in our laundry room for them (we discussed remodeling the laundry room too, but don’t think we will at this time). So I’m leaning toward swapping that for a broom pantry cabinet. Or maybe an 18” wide broom pantry and 18” regular pantry cabinet.

Which leads to another question. We are planning on white (off-white) shaker style cabinets for the kitchen (possibly a wood stained shaker style for the island). We have wood cabinets in our laundry room and wet bar. We are planning on leaving those since they can’t really be seen from the kitchen. Well, the wet bar you can see a bit, but there is a door (always open) between the two areas. Is it ok to keep these wood cabinets in the wet bar if they don't match the kitchne cabinets?? See pics. Ignore the green counters and white sink. We will change to a stainless steel sink and counter TBD.

Also….any feedback on the layout? It is just me, my husband and two fur kids (well one naked cat lol). Our goal is to get rid of cooktop in the island, get rid of the table and have island seating for the two of us (up to four (kids) at holidays), get rid of desk area and add lots of drawers. The wall with the buffet and TV above is probably not ideal, but we enjoy our sports while we are eating.

So my questions at this point are:

Too many pantries? Is that even possible??

Bench or utility cabinet?
Where else to store vacuum and mop/broom?

Ok to have different style/wood cabinets at wet bar and laundry?

Layout feedback

Thank you :)

First pic is our existing layout

Preliminary layout

Pantry wall

Existing bar cabinets

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