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Safe installation of a convection microwave

Bruce Miller
last month

We have a small kitchen (11 ft sq) with three doorways. My wife is determined to have as little as possible on the countertops.

To reduce the number of appliances, we are considering a convection microwave. We do not have the space for a deep wall enclosure to install a built-in convection microwave. Is there a safe way to install a conventional (i.e. countertop) convection microwave in an open wall cabinet?

What we have in mind is an open wall cabinet (w x h x d) of 30" x 19" x 14" (width 30" nominal, actual closer to 28.5") housing a 24.7” x 14.9” x 19" microwave. These figures include the thickness of a cantilevered shelf on the bottom of the enclosure to support the greater depth of the microwave.

Do these figures allow for safe use of the microwave?

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