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Apple budwood and fig/passion fruit questions

6 months ago

Hey all, I have a few apple rootstocks from a few years ago and no access to any bud wood. If anyone has some apple tree varieties they wouldn't mind sending bud wood of I'd more more then happy to pay for shipping plus a little extra or if I have anything you might be interested in trading for. Looking specificly for honey crisp or any of it's improvements, gala, McIntosh, Fuji, jonagold, pink lady but interested in anything!
Would also be very interested in male persimmon and/or apricot buds too!
I also have a blank mission fig growing in a greenhouse in a big planter. It's rooted well into the ground under the greenhouse but it has never produced figs. It's about five years old but last year died back to about a foot above the ground and now it's over six feet tall with multiple trunks still producing no figs. I haven't given it any fertilizer and cond hardy figs growing in my native soil produce fine.
Wondering if anyone has any ideas?
Also I have a passion fruit, not sure the variety, I bought as what looked like a rooted cutting in early spring. It's growing in another large open bottom raised bed and it's quite large now and wondering if there's anything I can do to encourage it to bloom. I've used phosphorus fertilizer, and just tip pruned the main shoots. Any ideas would be appreciated 👍
Thank for your time,