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2024 Spring Swap - Saturday May 4, 2024

last month

Howdy Gardeners - Long time no post, er swap, and all that other stuff. I will be traveling for work most of April so the spring swap will have to be in May. Same bat time, same bat station.

The 2024 Raleigh Spring Swap will be held Saturday, May 4 at White Deer Park - Pine Shelter in Garner. The shelter is reserved from 1pm til 4pm. Swapping will begin around 2. Everything will be the same as in past swaps. We are limited to 50 participants.

As in the past we have no rules, you are free to haul anything gardening related to the swap and give it away - this includes live plants, seeds and bulbs, cuttings, pottery, tools and equipment. One thing that sets our swap apart from others is that we do not require you to even bring plants in order to participate. We always have way more plants than people. If you feel guilty taking something for nothing you can always bring food for the potluck picnic.

Here is a map showing the town of Garner’s White Deer Park shelters:

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