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Weekend FFO's and Other Blooms

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Two of my Woodhenge Gardens daylilies have just started blooming this weekend, and a third has a scape coming (September Flame). Another late, Remembering Rose, has also scaped and will start blooming sometime in August. I have two new seedlings that have just started blooming, but they are not ready for a glamour shots yet (rain and bugs have messed up their blooms). I also have two more seedlings with ffe's coming, two more White Tooth seedlings with rebloom scapes, and a new pink from Brown's Ferry that has just scaped. So the show is NOT over yet!

Last Chance for Romance is usually my last one to start blooming, but this time two others will bloom later. It has 15 scapes, so I will have a good show from it in August.

Smug started blooming this weekend. It's registered as a mid but always blooms late here. Last year it did not bloom at all. It only has 5-6 buds per scape. I'm still growing it in a pot, and it really wants out of there.

My late blooming seedling, August Frost x Winter's Angel, is down to its last buds.

My seedling, Grandma's Smile X Dearest Valentine, with its last flower today. This was the best-budded daylily in my garden this year. It had two scapes with 25 buds, and the other 8 scapes ranged from 17-19. It was the best budded last year too, but it did more bud building with one scape logging 44 buds.

Lightning Round is reblooming.

Rainbow Maker is also reblooming.

Mystic Maize rebloom

Royal Jester

Regal Finale

Tiffany Shade


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