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Frameless shower door bottom seal

2 months ago

Is there a shower door sweep /seal that is one sided & which attaches or sticks to the inside edge of the door only? Or, has anyone ever just not installed the standard two sided slide onto the door because the threshold is wide enough to keep most water from dripping to floor outside shower? I’ve searched but cannot find anything but the standard seal & no advice on leaving it off.

Our 41” x 62” shower has a 3.5” wide threshold & the door, when closed, sits in center of it. We took the old sweep off to clean / replace it which got me thinking about how much easier it would be to squeege & clean door without it & glass looks nicer without it. Also one less edge to gunk up. We've each showered with no seal on the door to try it. Results after my shower, no water on outside of threshold; after DH showered, a few drips mostly caused by not pulling door inward when cleaning but also maybe because he's a larger mass for water to splash against. The floor outside the shower is ceramic tile, we do use a bathmat & are consistent with wiping down shower after use. It just seems like a streamlined door seal would be out there - just a single piece to adhere to door glass with an angled extending piece to direct water into shower floor.

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