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Favorite cake or cupcake to make and favorite to eat

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I don't think we've compiled this list before (at least not recently), and I am interested to know what are your favorite cakes to make?

Also, what are your favorite cakes to eat, if someone else makes them, in which case you do not have to eat a whole cake?

For me, my favorite cakes to make include

  • Angelfood
  • Chiffon or Sponge (I make both)
  • Pound cake (for strawberry shortcake)
  • Torta di Mele (when I have apples on my tree)
  • Walnut sour cream coffee cake

I really seldom make other cakes, and I do not even own a bundt pan.

To eat, here are my preferences:

  • Ice cream cake
  • Chocolate cake with chocolate icing
  • Torta di Mele
  • Gingerbread
  • Pineapple upside down cake (I find these a pain to make)
  • Lemon poppy seed cake

I guess I very seldom eat cake, and I generally do not choose it as a dessert when there are other choice that I like better. I used to make cakes

I am open to suggestions, and I would especially like suggestions for which cupcakes to make. I don't think I've made cupcakes since I was a child, but I do have both paper and silicon cupcake liners.

I used to make cakes when I was a baker at a restaurant in San Francisco, and I would make pineapple upside down cake when I found pineapples in the pantry there. It required extra effort to make this cake with fresh pineapple, but it was good and it sold well. I like fruit in cake but not fruitcake.

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