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I ruined the soup

2 months ago

Having what we call BBQ lamb chops bone in on hand as well as a packet of barley, I thought I’d like to make Scotch Broth. This is the Scottish version of what I call Lamb Shank and Barley broth. The Aussie version is more simple being just the lamb shank, onions, stock and barley. The Scottish version has more vegetables including carrots and leek, sometimes rutabaga and can be any cut of lamb even mutton. The term broth is quite misleading as this is a thick and hearty soup more like a stew. Google has lots of recipes.

Anyway getting to the point of this post...I had cut up lamb, onions, leek, a few green beans and just needed carrots. I knew there were some in the fridge but on inspection I saw they had sprouted a few little pale leaves. Oh well, I thought, in they go. Add barley, a good stock, seasoning, plenty of pepper and simmered away for about 1 and half hours.

The carrots ruined the whole pot full. I had no idea what vile tasting cubes they would turn into. Not just bitter but a strange horrible flavour I have never encountered before.

Hating to waste food, I fished every one of those ghastly tasting orange lumps out but it was in vain, their taste had permeated the whole pot.


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