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I made Ida buy a pillow.

11 days ago

We were chatting last night; I told her the very sad story of A-zon losing my bird pillow cover. I had a nice insert ready and everything.

Lost in space pillow:

She comforted me, and then I saw an even better pillow cover:

Of course she loved it, because Tabby Cowcat and mini-horse, and I kept nagging her to get one, too.

She did. But she was upset that mine is coming today and hers not until Friday. 😁

I’ll update when I get it stuffed up!

If any of you weirdos want one, too, it’s only $9.99! It would be kind of funny if a bunch of us got it … the pillow company would be all, ”Wow, big run on the Cowcat pillow this week! Make some more!”

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