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Ida et al, English village

Hi Ida and all. My “messages” is giving me fits, so would you share your favs and tips here? A rather large request, and if you’ve no time I totally understand and will love you, anyway :) . Planning a (2) ladie’s trip to visit a friend in Hampshire. After two days there, then where? No Cotswolds , Bath or London . Of course, we both love beautiful old homes and gardens, walks through countryside vistas, chatting with friendly natives, some history, along with art, antique, and decor shops: elegant or quirky Hopefully, we can get around with trains, buses , taxis. Not a car...... both of us are nervous about that. Idea . We’d stay in a cottage similar to those you’ve shared from your trips, and maybe a stay in a gorgeous home, an inn or castle as well. Day trips doable without a car? I well remember your pic of meeting a truck on a verrry narrow road. Think that was you. Also, we may want to travel farther afield than a day trip. Okay. Enough! If you’d share the places and things you and your mom loved best I’d be so thankful. But only if you have time. Everyone is welcome , please!! :)
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