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Changing colors in sofa fabric

Barb Wise
last month

Yikes. 2 1/2 months in and still struggling to find a fabric to have sofa and loveseat reupholstered. I have been to 3 upholsterers, multiple furniture stores. I want a neutral and I am tired of many years of my mid century modern sofas in deep red. Yellowish tan walls not being changed. Scandinavian teak furniture in room. I lean towards warm tones. I was trying to avoid brown tones, but the taupes, beiges seem to work the best. Here is one definite possibility. A Barrow 100% polyester 30,000 DR. What I am so afraid of is this mix of gray and tan changes so much in the lighting. South and west large windows. It can look completely gray, tan, or (what is freaking me out) reddish tones. Am I to expect all of these changes? Here is the chameleon. We already switched to 3000k LED bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs. It did help get rid of some of the red at night. Opinions?

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