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5 years ago

I need to increase the seating in one of my vacation rental homes. I'd also like to "lighten" the walls with a "modern" white.... ANY IDEAS?

For the biggest design dilemma...

What is the MOST durable fabric to use for renters who treat a nightly vacation rental home the same way they treat a rental car... not very well.

I'd like to lighten the color of the room, but I can't have light colored furniture, it's just too time consuming in labor cleaning costs and gets stained so easily.

I'm thinking a Dark Gray / Charcoal (with White-ish walls)

I want to put 2 L shaped sofas with a chaise on each one (chaises will be "facing" the fireplace) to increase the seating but not block the beautiful forest view (which would happen if I use a U shaped sectional, plus there's an annoying post that a U shape sectional blocks the flow of "traffic".)

The picture with the 2 white chairs gives an idea of the forest view (which is always green) and I like the white, but as stated above, it's too difficult to keep clean, so we replaced them with some red sofas (that we won in at a charity raffle, so the price was right ;-), but we really don't like them. But they are easy to keep clean.

But, this is a 7 bedroom Home and we rent it to large 16+ guests, and we've received a few complaints that even the 2 sofas (+ 1 matching ottoman and 2 other chairs) isn't enough seating.

So I'm going to compromise and do a two 3 seat sectional with a chaise on 1 side (of the sofa).


New Gray Stone Fireplace

The room is ~ 18 x 28 (but there's still that pesky post to deal with)

NO MICRO SUEDE suggestions please...can't stand the stuff. lol

Thanks all!

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