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What fabric and color for our sofa?

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

My wife and I are purchasing a Smith Brothers sofa. Considering they are fairly expensive and we expect it to last a long time, we wanted to be sure we really thought through our fabric choice. It will be a 3 piece sofa + chaise (~106" width) so it's pretty large and go directly in front of same sized (~105") bay window.

So, the primarily thing we are trying to match this sofa to is this rug pattern / color:

It isn't an expensive rug but we really love it. At the very least, we really love the colors. The silver/gold as neutrals, creams and grays. Additionally, we love the color yellow as an accent for our living room as well and think this rug does that perfectly. We have pillow from Target that they seemed to design to match exactly and I brought this when looking at swatches (you will see in the picture below).

Additionally, for paint color we were likely wanted to go with a light sandy color, maybe a bit greige. Maybe even a light butter yellow but not sure. Grey/yellow in tone vs. anything red/pinkish. We have "Simply White" Benjamin Moore trim.

We currently have off-white/cream carpets but will be going with white pine floors, either not stained or stained in a medium color (on the grey end of spectrum, not honey-colored).

So anyway... here is a sample of my crazy (I went to store and took a pillow and tons of pictures). Please look through as it could give you a better idea of the options we have:

I personally am leaning towards the #7 picture that is a greyish/brown and is shown on a chair under a lamp. Here it is from another website:

The salesperson at our store did mention it would be grey. So, the above picture makes sense but it really does lose all the brown quality. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Grey looks great with yellows and can still pair well with tans and such (the rug/pillow as an example of that).

I tried my best to really find the fabrics we'd like and my wife will come along next time and we will decide together but would love some advice.

As you can see, we know we want a neutral brown or grey sofa. But all the fabrics leave some questions:

1. Brown or grey? (There are some greys that have some brown)

2. Dark or light? (I think we should avoid too late since it might blend/match walls)

3. Herringbone or "regular" fabric? The herringbone fabric, when looked at an angle and in certain lighting can give off the striped look. I'm not sure if that's good for such a large sofa. It does look nice but is this trendy or will we regret it?

Any and all help is appreciated. We are very overwhelmed!

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