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Remembering why I love soup!

l pinkmountain
5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

So I have to be on a clear liquids diet today for colonoscopy tomorrow. Sipping clear chicken broth for lunch reminds me of how easy it is to make delicious, nutritious soups from even the most simple ingredients. Somehow with soup, the good execution of the basics ads up to something sublime. Now for this broth to be my dream soup it would need some tiny noodles and maybe some tiny peas or a bit of shredded spinach, but for today this is going to have to do. Last night I used the rest of the box to make an excellent vegetarian sausage and kale soup with white beans.

I plan on trying the chicken chili recipe on the box next week when my intestines are back to normal.

Soups are my specialty. I'm not sure if there is one I don't like. I don't do beef, but that's not necessarily due to beef soups not tasting good. Oh yeah, I don't like French onion soup. I know, everyone's favorite, but not mine . . . Hot and sour no too, but that's because I am a hotness wimp. We had wonton soup last month, first time I had made them. Delish!

I'm going to miss soup weather. I have never been able to wrap my head around a cold soup. I haven't tried a fruit one yet, but I don't like cold carrot or cucumber soup or borscht. Gazpacho I can tolerate. Those are the only ones I've tried.

I can't pick a favorite. I love Chinese corn, pumpkin, barley, Avgolemono, minestras and minestrone, matzoh ball, chili, cream of many types of vegetables, seafood bisque or chowders, miso broths with vegetables and noodles, hot borscht, vegetable bisques and the whole world of bean soups . . .

What are some of your best soups?

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