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Have You Ever Seen a Century Plant???

last year
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They're part of the Agave family. About twenty years ago, a patient of DH's invited us to his home to see his plant blooming. These plants live for a long time, bloom only once and then die. They put out offshoots called "pups" that get their nourishment from their fading mother plant. At that time, he gave us one of the pups to take home and plant here on our property. Well, three weeks ago, our now 20 y/o plant finally started blooming! They have no stalk until bloom time. That first week, its stalk grew to three feet high. By week #2, (first pic) the stalk was about 5 feet tall. Then, the stalk looked like a giant purplish asparagus (second pic). Yesterday, it's now over 11 feet tall (third pic) . . . and still growing! This past week the stalk top finally blossomed with "flowers".

This is next to the walkway from our front portal to our guest parking circle, so all our friends can see it as they walk by. Anyhoo, I thought some might enjoy seeing our "baby's" progression. If you noticed my cast boot (broken foot) in the first pic, it's off now for just short walks. Yes!

Sorry, I made a mess trying to blur out my face (LOL)! This is week #2.

Does this not look like a giant asparagus or what????

Week #3

By the way, I'm about 5'4" tall. No cast boot!!!

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