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Advice for aluminum gutters/facia wrap/soffits

last month

I am replacing my gutters and at the same time I am going to have them wrap my fascia and install aluminum soffits.

I got two quotes and they are quite different. One is using .032 aluminum on the fascia and .027 aluminum everywhere else. The other quote is much more expensive but using .040 aluminum for everything. Is 040 overkill?

I read an article that said 027 is the standard used by gutter companies which better than what they sell off the shelf at the box stores. However, the article encouraged people to upgrade to 032 in many cases, especially where there is severe weather. Is 040 totally overkill and this guy is just trying to get me to drastically upsell me?

I'm in Southern California where there is no snow, hail is pretty rare (but does happen) and we get a few serious downpours every year. Do I need any more than 027? This article said that 027 will show its age faster, start to sag sooner, etc. If true, am I going to experience those things with our mild weather or does that apply to places with bad weather? The article said it can happen even without inclement weather, but I'm wondering how true that is (article is on a gutter installer website).


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