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Toro Evolution 40-D will not complete update

Brad Blakeney
5 months ago

I purchased a home last fall and the irrigation controller is a Toro Evolution 40-D. I am trying to get it fired up for the spring and the screen on the controller says it is Version 1.3 and needs a boot load, please insert USB device.

I went to the Toro website and downloaded the latest version V3-50, the only one I could find, and loaded on a USB stick that met the specs from the web site. I followed the instructions for inserting the USB and the screen went through its progressions of updating the flash as it should. The last instruction on the screen is to recycle the power which I did. Every time I do this it comes back to the same "need boot load" screen as if the update did not complete. I have tried multiple iterations of power cycling with the USB in or out with same results each time.

What do I need to do for the update to complete? Do I somehow need to get an old copy of the firmware and load first? Do I need to follow a special sequence?