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Fertilizer injector on siphon valve turned to drip irrigation

last month

Hello Experts,

I am a DIYer and have a basic question regarding fertilizer injectors.

I have two anti-siphon valves at our home, controlled by a B-Hyve Wi-fi smart timer. See attached picture with all labels.

I have converted one of them into a timed controller for use as a drip irrigation system for my 30-35 potted flowers and vegetables. To achieve this, I installed a 25 PSI pressure regulator on the mainline coming in to the anti-siphon valve, to reduce the pressure from 60-70 PSI to approximately 25 PSI for drip irrigation.

I am planning to buy an EZ Flow fertilizer injector (1-gallon EZ 1010HB model). I plan to install it on the vertical 3/4 inch pipe coming out of the anti-si[hone valve (left side on attached picture).

Is this a good/doable idea?

If not, could anyone suggest an alternative arrangement?

Thank you,

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