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Fertilizer Injector, Foilage-Pro, Containers and in ground plants

12 years ago

Hello. This is my first year with Al's Mix in containers. I'm fertilizing with foilage pro in a fertilizer injector (both on the same timer) because I am out of town most of the week. The injector is hooked up to both drip irrigation to the containers, as well as a soaker hose to my bean and tomato plants which are planted in the ground. My container plants look very healthy although they haven't produced many veggies yet, but I think that is the weather as other folks in my area are having the same problem. My in-ground plants (tomato and beans) are not looking good at all. Tomato leaves are dying from the bottom up and some of the pictures that I looked at this morning are making me wonder if the in-ground plants might have a fertilizer toxicity. I know that this is a container forum, but I'm wondering if anyone here has used the same watering system for both. Does it seem likely that I could be giving in-ground plants too much fertilizer and container plants the right amount? The tomato plants also got a handful of epsom salts at planting. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for your help.

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