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With this work well for fertilizer in my drip irrigation?

12 years ago

I fertilize through a drip system. There are separate lines for the vegetable garden and fruit trees. I have been using Peters 20-20-20 and Fertilome 20-20-20 for a couple of years now. Many farms and orchards use Potassium Nitrate for fertilizer. Currently I put fertilizer in two taped together 35mm film canisters with sixteenth in holes in them and put them in the drip system. Even so these fertilizers turn to liquid and run through the system pretty fast.

I'm looking for something that turns to liquid at a little slower rate. This Potassium Nitrate is in the form of pellets and should dissolve in water. If administered in the same way will this stuff work?

Here is a link that might be useful: 10 Lb Potassium Nitrate

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