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Slugs war won, kinda

last month
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I have been winning my battle finally against slugs. The biggest problem was them hitting seedlings as they emerge. It does not take much to kill or severely slow down a plant when nibbled on, even a little when it first emerges. Especially small seedlings. Larger plants fared better simple because a few snug nibbles hits 5% of the leaf not 25% for the same size damage on smaller leaves.

I hand pick slugs several times a day and placed large flat pieces of wood to hid under so I can find them later. I also cut crazy when it rains - they crawl high to avoid drowning I assume. Much easier to find a lot. I also was generous with Cory's snail bait (when that is gone I am switching to sluggo).

I still got plants hit at night so I then dropped at least 4 pieces of snail bait around the base of each young seedling. My logic was they have to find the bait before the plant. This seemed to help, some plants got some bites one night but not then next night. I assume slugs died. Not an exact science but there clearly a significant drop in slugs hitting plants several nights after I did this.

If it is dry I also covered plants with DE at night. I had to rinse of leaves in the morning so they could get sun. I read some stuff and slug will not cross DRY DE. It is often wet here - morning dew.

I am pretty sure sevin does not kill slugs and that DE alone will not work - I suspect the test below is why - wet DE does not work.

For my goal I needed plants to just get through a few days. Newly emerged leaves seem very suspectable to damage, even a few bites seemed bad in days to come. Leaves that are a few days old are significantly bigger and tougher IMO.

I do also have snails but they are tiny and not the problem slugs are. My property is surrounded by woods that are fill of slugs so this will be on ongoing battle.

I keep forgetting to plant 2-3 times what I need to spread out damage. Many things that die or are badly damaged would be ok with a little less damage. Sometimes 1 seedling gets hit wehn another one 2: away is fine.

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