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Your experinces with expandable garden hoses

last month

I recently bought my first expandable hose ever, and I need another much longer one for the other side of the garden. I'm hoping others here may now have many years of experience with these and may be able recommend brands that perform and last, and which brands to avoid.

What I like about my Hydro-Tech brand: fairly sturdy fittings, brass shutoff, lightweight, doesn't kink very much, looks attractive

What I don't like about my Hydro-Tech brand: It extends to full length only under pressure, and only when you aren't using water. As soon as you open the business end and start applying water the hose aggressively pulls you back toward the spigot, trying to shrink back to its un-expanded length. This shrinking and tightening can then smash garden plants that weren't in danger when the hose was expanded. Do all expandable hoses behave this way, are there some that don't do this?