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What threads does the Orbit B-hyve XD with 4 outputs have?

last month

I bought the Orbit B-hyve XD with 4 outputs. It was clear to me that its input and its 4 outputs would not immediately fit for use here in Europe because we have different thread standards here, namely BSP thread, which differs a little bit from US standard.

So I bought four 3/4 inch NPT to BSP adapters with female side NPT and male side BSP for the 4 outputs . To my surprise, the adapters don't fit on the 4 outputs, the thread of the NPT adapter is too narrow.

Now I'm undecided whether the adapter is not OK or whether NPT threads are not used on the output side. Can someone help me with reliable info about which threads are used on the Orbit B-hyve XD with 4 outputs? My assumption was that the 4 outputs have male 3/4 inch NPT threads and the input has a female 3/4 inch GHT thread. Isn't that correct?