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Who is eating my rose foliage and how do I stop them?

For the past year some sort of pest has been snacking on the foliage of my Belinda's Dream rose and Kiss Me Kate Arborose. Early last fall they almost completely defoliated Belinda's Dream and they have started to snack on her again. Any experts want to take a look at the pics below and advise on what you think it is and what I should try first to deter them?

At first I thought it was leaf cutter bees, but it looks more like a catepillar has been chomping away on them. Was thinking I would try neem oil to start. The only thing I've ever sprayed on any roses was green cure for some PM on my Duchers, so I am new to this type of intervention.

P.S. I am in Plano, TX (DFW- Z8A thought I'm starting to treat it like 7b after the past two winters) Don't know if it will still show that on my profile as it's been a while since I've posted.

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