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who is ripping up my moss and how do I stop it??

14 years ago

For the past two years I've been trying to cultivate a strip of moss, about 4 inches wide and 20 feet long, along the edge of our paver stone patio. (Also hoping for some moss migration between the pavers, which has happened.) This year, something is trying to undo my work. Many mornings I discover lots of chunks of moss ripped out and scattered. The moss is not being eaten or taken away -- I find enough chunks to repair the damage, but it's almost a daily event. What's doing this, and how do I stop it?

I've thought about the ol' use-the-urine-of-a-male-carnivore (aka, my husband) on it as a deterrent. (I heard that on NPR one day as a general critter deterrant, and it seems to work for other plants.) Will the urine hurt the moss? Any other ideas?



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