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How do I stop people from calling my mom?

10 years ago

A little background first, my 86 yr old mother has dementia and is still living in her home. I visit her at least every other day, call her every day, do her grocery shopping, fix meals, pay her bills, take her to her doctor and other appointments, plus take her out on regular outings just to get her out of the house. It is starting to progress a little more and I am starting to think about having to move her. My cousin lives 2 doors down, and so she is fine for the most part, but she has lost her appetite and we are trying to get her to put some weight on at only 86 lbs. My problem today was I got a call from a financial adviser who was at her house, apparently made an appointment to go over her portfolio and update their records. I'm sure she was surprised, and didn't remember making the appointment at all. She didn't tell me, and she doesn't have a clue anymore about financial matters and her records. I was a little upset about this, and told the advisor to call me tomorrow so I could fill her in on mom's condition. This has happened before, someone has called from the cable company offering a new service that she agreed to and luckily I caught it before they came out. Same goes with lawn service companies, and even her doctors office called her recently to reschedule her appointment and I didn't know about it. I look through her caller ID an see what looks like some solicitation numbers (though she is on the Do Not Call registry), and other numbers I don't recognize. I'm afraid of who is calling her and what she tells them. I pay her bills so I would know right away if she was giving money but this worries me. I wish there were something I could do to deflect her calls, but I don't want them all forwarded because then family wouldn't be able to call her. Has anybody else experienced this, I don't know what to do.

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