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What is eating my plants and how do i stop it?

Terrie Carrozzella
16 years ago

Hi all

Not sure if anyone can determine this for me,but I am having an issue with SOMe plants being eaten. We do have deer, but i am not convinced it is them. i ahve seen no deer droppings near the plants, and many plants are NOT being eaten that I think deer would like (my cone flowers look GREAT, for example, and my day lillies and hosta are all fine).

i've lost 4 tall flox, including two that are in an exposed area- no place to hide!3 hollyhocks, yet two others are untouched. One of the hollyhock was in full bloom, and they ate it flowers and all.

any suggestions on what I might try, to deter whatever it is. I do NOT want to hurt any animals, if I can help it, and we have pets that hang out in our garden, too (they dont' eat plants, though)



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