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Can You Grow Rhododendrons in Pure Garden Compost?

I have been using garden waste compost as a mulch layer for hedges throughout my garden. It has created dramatic improvements in plant health over the last few years. I noticed today that in a section where the compost is still thick, just beneath the surface it is a very rich organic soil. There are lots of worms and it is warm and holds moisture but is not damp. If I had a layer of compost that was about 12 inches deep, on top of clay loam soil, would that be a good soil to grow rhododendrons? I could certainly modify straight compost and add some peat moss and bark to adjust the pH. I could also add some horticultural sand to improve drainage. If you were going to design a rhododendron soil for a raised bed above clay loam soil, what would be the components of that soil, and in what proportions?

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