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Food Floof! Dips!

2 years ago

What is your favorite dip? And what is your favorite thing to dip?

I was having a silly back and forth text conversation with one of my sisters. She and I both love to cook and she often hosts gatherings either for our family or sometimes her church. I was telling her about the "dip party" I had at work on Christmas night. If we had to work ,we were gonna have fun and eat good. Then the conversation turned to trying out new things for a party. And I suggested that instead of chips and dip, we serve croutons and salad dressing! I was being silly, even though everyone knows that the best part of a salad is the dressing soaked croutons........Well now she is planning to do that at our next party. Homemade garlic and cheese croutons, homemade ranch and Olive Garden Italian dressing, and a balsamic vinaigrette. Even though it sounds silly I truly do think it will go over well! LOL!

My favorite dip/dipper combo is a classic ruffled potato chip and our familys cream cheese olive dip. I have shared that recipe a few time before so I wont overshare it now.

What's yours? Tortilla chips and salsa? Pita and hummus? Veggies and dill dip? Baguette and olive oil? Fruit and chocolate? Tell me! I am working Christmas again this year and may need some new ideas! Share recipes if you want!

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