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Food Floof! My Famous....what?

last year

What are you famous for cooking? Is there that one dish that everyone asks you over and over to bring to a potluck? A specific meal your kids or grands ask for when they come to visit? A must have dessert at holidays? Are you the ONLY one allowed to make the mac and cheese or potato salad? Does your sweetie have a favorite dish made only by you?

I typically do all the cooking for family parties and the menu varies, but we always seem to have:

My hot spinach artichoke dip

My olive bread bites

My mac and cheese

Those 3 are my biggest requests. I make the Mac and cheese for event for my sisters church as well, because she claims they keep asking for it. I agree to make the goods if she does not try to make me attend the church or the event...... It is also requested of me for my employers Thanksgiving potluck every year. I do not attend that either as it is typically attended mostly by people I do not know but I will drop off the mac and cheese, say hello to the few I do know and leave.

The olive bread is probably the biggest request. That suits me. I love it too and it is very easy to throw together and toss in the oven for such a big payoff. All attempts to teach anyone else in the family how to make it have failed, as they do not want to know how to make it, they just want me to.....and they POUT at any event that its not featured, which is extremely rare now. I have earned the odd very somewhat flattering nickname "Auntie Olive Bread." Smart Alecs.

The spinach dip....well it is SO GOOD, is I do say so myself.

What about it? What are you famous for?

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