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Floof! Which do you prefer? Or do you care?

last year

I often find myself annoyed with Amazon. Why? Because when I place an order, there is a total. One total. However, they do not charge until they ship. And in an order with multiple items, they may ship at multiple time from multiple locations. I get that. But, I would really rather they just charge me for the whole order rather than piece by piece, and ship it as they can. It should be easy to process returns or cancellations for individual items if need be. BUT I am not a business mogul, and could be wrong. So, I often find myself whining about it. I JUST want the to charge it all at once. I hate the bit by bit thing.


On the other hand.......

I ALSO find myself annoyed at places like Jung Seed, where I order a lot of my seeds and plants from. Why? Well because they do exactly what I claim I want amazon to do...... They charge it right away, it clears my account, and they ship it per their shipping schedule of course. So I get anxious that they are trying to BAMBOOZLE me because my order is marked as shipped, when in fact all I get is a pack of seeds but my plants from that order have not arrived or likely been shipped yet. I know how it works, they are not going to ship a fruit tree in February but still, I get anxious about it.

I suppose I am just impossible to please....

But, if I had to pick I would say that I really do prefer that they just charge it all at once, rather than as it is shipped.

Do you have a preference or are you unbothered about stuff like this?

I just like things done and out of the way.

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