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Festive Floof! Valentines plans.....

10 months ago
last modified: 10 months ago

Do you have anything special planned? I do not yet. Well, not entirely. I already took care of the gifts. SO asked me to order him some rims and tires for his latest car, and a part for another one of his vehicles. He went to give me the money for them but I told him that could be his Valentine this year.

I prefer the stereotypical, cheesy, traditional Valentines gifts. I like big bouquets of flowers and stuffed animals and stuff. And I also asked him to take his truck and trailer to pick up the dirt I need for the raised garden beds I ordered. I already put together and filled one, then I ordered 2 more because I was so thrilled with it I wanted more, and I would rather not have to make several trips to fit all the dirt I need into my SUV. I need at least a pallet of topsoil and a pallet of Jungle Growth soil. He will also have to do most if not all of the very heavy lifting when I go to fill the beds, so I will claim that as a Valentines gesture, if you will. Whatever works..

I am happy to have the actual day off this year again. I plan on making some sort of heart shaped meal, though that won't necessarily be "special" as I like to throw in heart shaped food for most meals anyway. I need ideas for something new I can make heart shaped. I've done pizza. calzones, meatloaf, pot pies, patty melts, and other stuff. Dessert will be easy. Anything can be baked as a heart shape.

It would not surprise me in the least if we were to end up back at the casino for Valentines Day. SO really enjoys it.

But no CONCRETE plans yet.

I really love Valentines Day. Even when I was single, I always did something extra special for myself. I always subscribed to the idea that you MUST love yourself before you can fully love someone else, or fully accept love from someone else. I know some people are sad or lonely on Valentines day because either they are single or widowed, and I honestly wish I could share my love with them on that day and make them feel better.

What are your plans?

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