Bathroom vent and fan

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Our bathroom vent was connected to our dryer vent so the dryer was venting inside of our bathroom. So we separated them and added a new duct and vent that goes through the 2 bathrooms and our master bedroom. But I think the duct is too long to air out our bathrooms. It is always humid there and the paint in the ceiling is peeling again. Should we get another fan that is stronger or install a fan in between the duct? I am attaching pics that show the length. Please noe that all our bedrooms and bathrooms are in a row. We are getting condensation inside our windows in the bedrooms on the inside window sill. NOT in between the window panes. The inside sill- and it creates mold. I wonder if it is the humidity affecting it and it is largely caused by the bathrooms.

Who should I hire to fix this? A contractor? Electrician? HVAC company?

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