LED buzz inconsistently

4 months ago

I just installed new Lutron Maestro MACL153M dimmers, replacing older MA-600 dimmers installed professionally several years ago. I did this so I can use LED bulbs. I've put these dimmers on several circuits of ceiling cans. All were fine. Then I replaced the bulbs in two of the circuits with LED bulbs. (Satco Dimmable 12.5W 3000K 40° 90 CRI PAR30S LED Bulb.) (I chose bulbs that seemed to be supported by these dimmers.)

One circuit, with four bulbs, is fine. The other, with six bulbs, has issues. There is a faint buzz. Seemed to come from one of the bulbs. But I removed that one and then it seemed to come from another. Removed that one and it was still present. So I guess perhaps it is coming from all the bulbs.

In addition, this dimmer is acting a bit flaky. Sometimes when it is off and I click to turn it on the lights flick on and immediately off again. Then when I click again they come on correctly. Other times the lights come on without problem.

What could be causing this? How can I fix it?

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