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BM Edgecomb Gray wackiness

2 years ago

I looked at the Colorography color wheel which puts it on the warm side of the YR family, but easyRGB lists a different hue angle and puts it just a teeeny tiny bit over into the YG family.

Whichever one it is, I am so surprised at how fleshy orange EG looks on my walls. Like wow. There is nothing else orange or red in the area or outside the window that cause such a color shift. Ugh, another no-go color.

My other one in the wall is BM Old Prairie, I have to sit on that one a while. It doesn't look bad on the wall that gets sun, but a bit too bright on the wall that gets no direct light. It's a sunny day today, if it looks like prison gray when it's overcast that's a no-go.

I'm getting very frustrated because everything in the Y family pulls yellow or really ugly orange-yellow tan on my walls, greiges are pulling pink, so I think I'm pretty much limited to something with green undertones. But, I need to be careful not to pull too much green from the color, I have a green kitchen and don't want to live in a big green box. Dang if I didn't do so much green in the kitchen I'd just do a green on the walls and call it a day. Sigh....

Eh, I've been through this before, I'll figure it out. I don't have a phone to snap pics right now, but I'll probably be back on the board asking for concrete input if after about 15-20 more attempts I still can't find "it". Guess I just wanted to vent and stress it to everyone that thinks they can just pick a color based on the paint chip and it will look fine -- no, it probably won't.

BTW -- yes I have Samplize samples of some colors but couple I wanted to sample directly on the walls.

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