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Help! me choose floor tile for tiny bathroom & kitchen

2 years ago

I have a tiny bathroom (22 sf), a tiny kitchen (64 sf), & a more regular-sized bathroom (34 sf). i has the most gorgeous, perfect 12x12 tile selected, only to fine out it is discontinued-UGH. I have narrowed the backup tile down to 2 slate-look options:

1) 12x12 tiles Kendal slate Ambleside Beige

2) 12x24 Riverdale Sand

The dilemma is this:

- 12x12 looks good from a distance, but up close looks like a cheesy photo of stone.

- 12X24 is very pretty & natural looking, but is it too big & trendy/modern for these spaces? the look is “cozy mountian cottage”.

HELP- which one is best??

tiny bath:

Average bath:

Tiny kitchen:

Here are the tiles:

Please help. thank you!

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