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Help choosing bathroom tile?

Margo C
2 months ago

Hi, I am in a bit of a tight spot and hoping for some quick guidance. We are currently working with a contractor who is building us an addition, including a bathroom. We had selected tiles for this addition a little over a year ago, but earlier this week our contractor called us to say he went to order the tiles but they have a crazy-long lead time and also are high maintenance, so he wants us to go in person (we are in the SF Bay area) to select some in-stock tiles that are low-maintenance and also no more than 3/8" thick.

The bathroom is small (around 8'x8'), and we are needing to select bathroom floor tile, as well as tile for our bath enclosure (shower over tub). There is no window, but we do have a skylight, as well as 3 recessed lights and 2 sconces. Originally, we had selected these tiles: floor, shower But the contractor has now told us the floor tile is too thick and high maintenance. Our vanity is this midcentury wood one, and we have selected a white tub and matte black fixtures.

I found a very similar pattern to what we had originally selected for the floor tile here, which appears to be in stock. And, in my area, I found what I feel like might be good shower wall options in Sartoria T-brick (shiny glaze) or Tint (matte), in either the green (eucalyptus or garden) or blue (navy or ocean).

The designer we had originally worked with when we selected our tiles over a year ago is now out on a medical leave, and I'm worried about making a poor decision that will stick with us for years and years! You all seem so expert & helpful that I thought you might be able to help me come to a good decision on the really short timeline we currently have. Here are my questions & thoughts:

  1. We are thinking that the nero hex tile might go well with the garden or Eucalyptus Sartoria, and that the blanco might go well with the navy or ocean. Does that sound right? I'm struggling to choose between the options (dark floor/light green wall, and white floor/blue wall) though, so any feedback would be helpful!
  2. I read that white floors are a bad choice because they show dirt/scuffs, so I can't tell if that would count towards the nero tile on the floor? But we (hubby especially) is worried that such a dark floor will make the small-ish room feel really small and dark.
  3. I am torn between the matte finish (Tint) and the shiny finish (T-brick).

I know it's really silly but I made some screenshot "collages" to try to get a sense of how the selections work together (below). (Although the tiles aren't the exact model because that one doesn't have the pattern layout I would plan to use).

Any guidance would be very appreciated, my decision making is much better when I have time to think & reflect so the time pressure here is scrambling my brain a little. Thanks for reading & your help!!!

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