Help me live with this bright blue roof

last month
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A design/ordering/communication mishap has resulted in a new roof that we don't like. We will live with it but need advice on paint and trim colors to make this work with the existing brick (red/orange) and stonework (yellowish). We will also be replacing the window and updating the siding in the front dormer with stucco to match the rest of the stucco, as well as adding some tudor-inspired trim to that area (to make it more similar to the other homes in our neighborhood of mostly 1930's tudor revival homes; ours has the same layout, just never got the decorative exterior detail). Our neighborhood is not one where "out there" colors are common and we would like to try to make our home blend in with the mostly neutral exteriors of our neighbors. Also, painting everything white isn't a very appealing idea for this same reason. The roof color is "Ocean Blue" ( though it reads much more torquoise than in the online swatch images in this link.

Here it is at different times of day/lighting.

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