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Open floor plan painting?

last month
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I need some serious painting help guys. My house is a open concept with golden/honey oak cabinents in the middle of the house basically. The cabinents will get refinished sometime this year but painting and the floors are first. (The floors are in very bad shape now and have to get done.)

BUT my question I desperately need help with do you paint the rooms in a open floor plan? I dont want the whole house one color, but I can not figure out how to make it flow but also a little separate at the same time..The main room is a west facing room with a lot of warm bright light late afternoon(florida) and the long front room separated by the archway is north facing.

You can see into the front room when you are in any other part of the house so again i have no idea how to make it flow without using the same or similar colors to each other. And what about the kitchen should that be the same or different?

The people we bought it from had different colors in every space to section it off im guessing but i just really want it to feel cozy and inviting because it does not feel like that now.

I love neutrals but I would really love to blend some neutral paint colors with some kind of deep muted color/colors somewhere. Can anyone give me some advice on how to tackle this, i just need to be told what to do and what colors to use at this point lol help

(the pics below are from the old listing of the house )

Below is the front room.

the little nook is also in the living room

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