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kitchen facelift ideas, suggestions welcome!

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

We want to update our kitchen. What would you do? These are definite:

-new flooring
-new counters
-new stainless sink and faucet
-add backsplash

-new lighting


-move microwave to oven wall and take out one of the ovens. Then add a hood above stovetop
-move oven wall next to fridge and make it all flush, extend counter where current ovens are
-add 18 inches to island to create seating for 3 and move table over slightly.
-new island/paint existing island
-turn island (would create only 3 feet in between counters and island / might be too tight
-remove pantry, push fridge down, and create wall to floor cabinets.

Any comments on these ideas or others would be helpful! Want to update to look more modern and more counter space if possible. Thanks!

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