Powerful induction range with strong classic/vintage design?

Lauren Cook
6 days ago

I'm starting to plan for a kitchen remodel beginning next fall and for a variety of reasons (energy efficiency, child safety and renovation constrictions--i.e. gas line isn't an option), I am planning to go with an induction range. I'm an enthusiastic home cook, so I want a high-performance stovetop, but we live in a historic home and I would prefer a range that fits in. I've looked at the La Cornue CornuFe, Aga Elise, Ilve Majestic, etc. (gives you a sense of price range), but have had a hard time tracking down induction-specific reviews to adequately compare. I would appreciate thoughts on currently available options (ideally based on personal experience). If I need to sacrifice some aesthetics for performance, I am willing to do so. Oh, and in terms of the ovens, I'm a little less picky. Double ovens sound nice, but I have limited kitchen space and as silly as it sounds, we bake a lot of family-sized pizzas!

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