Driver's Education Training

25 days ago

On my street a lot of driver's ed teachers bring their students to practice parking. There are usually a few cars parked on the streets that they can parallel park behind.

This particular car circled our street numerous times, no big deal, but her seat was obviously set where her parent's use it. The seat was slanted back, and she was hunched over the steering wheel.

Don't the instructors teach them how to position the seats for safety??

25 years ago I took a driver training program for a day. It was run by a race car driver and they laid a long slick strip down so we could practice driving in a skid. I learned to have my seat back up, so that my shoulders lean against it. My left foot is on the floor up by the pedals.

The old 10x2 position on the steering wheel is useless. When your car is in a skid your hands are flying all over the wheel, you have no idea where your wheels are facing. 3 and 9 is proper. I drive in that position and you can turn the front of the car all the way around without your hands leaving the wheel. I do rest it on the gear shift, often. I'm not a perfectionist.

But the way this girl was driving, she would never be in control of the car, would never be able to drive any distance and was just unsafe. I was surprised he didn't teach her the fundamentals of at least being supported by the seat back and headrest.

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