Rescue Me. New Miele TW1 180 Wp and WWH 860

Chris Taylor
11 days ago

Just had these installed this morning. I knew they were coming so I have read days and days of posts, printed out the Miele Cheat Sheet, and looked for clues. I just don't quite get it.

I have white sheets, nice cotton percale, what setting do I use? How do I add an extra rinse? I am using the TwinDos that came with the machine but want to extra rinses as I am allergic to all fragrance groups. I have ordered the sensitive TwinDos and will switch it out when it comes.

I would also like to have extra water and rinses for my nightgowns and under ware. How do I do this?

I cannot seem to get a wifi connection, I have moved the extender to the laundry room to no avail. So I am manually using the machines. I have tried selecting the various cycles but when I pick options there are none.

I know there is a learning curve and these are great machines. thanks for all the guidance.


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