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Miele T 9820 Gas Dryer Kaputt

11 years ago

Well, at just over the four-year mark our Miele T 9820 gas dryer has gone kaputt. It happened this past Friday with a load of towels. After shortly starting the cycle it commenced to beep and the following was exhibited on the instrument fascia:

No matter what I tried it simply defaulted to its failed state. The gas heater never engaged with its associated roar. The drum turns freely. The lint screen is cleaned after each run. Pulled the dryer out from the wall to check the exhaust ducting and it exhibits very little lint; the innards of the duct from the dryer has very little lint residue on its side--there are no obstructions. Only one time formerly did a dishwashing towel completely cover the lint screen causing the dryer to properly shutdown, but that occurred before my last service call for this dryer and the Miele Tech was informed about it; it’s never happened since.

In all our twenty-four years of marriage we've never owned a washer and dryer that have given us this many issues. Our Miele washer and dryer became a love/hate affair. Just on the dryer alone we’ve had two different lint screens (and there is now a newer version out); the fan replaced; the front drum gasket replaced; numerous dryer programing (all by Miele Techs); a drying outcome that has ranged from wet enough to cause mildew to just right when tricked by including a different material density into a load of similar clothing material and thickness so there is just a hint of dampness (perfect). My wife has never used our machines, but I can assure others she would have never tolerated as much as I have, being the diehard that I am, regarding both the washer and dryer.

If someone has experienced the fault exhibited in the photograph above, including the symptoms listed within the photograph, and knows of a means of potentially resetting the dryer so that it can at least be used before Miele arrives to inspect and potentially fix it, kindly post it here. Tomorrow, I call Miele (I’m dreading it as we are out of Miele warranty and dealing with Miele has, occasionally, proven less than satisfactory in the past even with warranty) to arrange for a service appointment.

Sadly, we can no longer recommend Miele washer and dryers to others nor can I even fathom these units being owned by someone with house staff or even the occasional housekeeper. Since we are empty nesters, I have always operated these units. An utter pity that they do not live-up to the engineering prowess that Germany is typically substantiated and know for. My wife and I have started the hunt for our next washer and dryer. We would donate these, but cannot do so when inoperable and even after repair cannot do so in good conscience; likely we will sell them cheaply with full disclosure to their next owner. No way in hell I would give them to family or friends as I would never hear the end of it when matters inevitably go wrong.

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